Time And Revelation

By Kenrick Georges
November 7th, 2013

The Hon. Sam Condor, and the Hon. Dr. Harris have claimed that the “Land For Debt Swap” was the paramount reason for them crossing the floor in Parliament. I have written in several of my articles debunking that claim, because the evidence was very clear. Their shameless public display of poor judgment, and their warm embrace of dishonor are undeniable signs of what was at play. Condor and Harris have accused the Douglas Administration of selling out our patrimony, being irresponsible, being reckless, and thus, is unfit to govern.

However, Representatives Condor and Dr. Harris, along with PAM operatives, managed to use their claim as a wedge issue, and to stir bitter sentiments among our nationals toward our Prime Minister, the Rt. Hon. Dr. Denzil Douglas. It has evoked animus between the different ideologies in our sociopolitical and economic discourse. Our National Debt is being held high on a pole, by the collective opposition, which also includes CCM, with the sole intent of shaming the current Labour Government out of office.

The Land For Debt Swap has been the cornerstone of the Unity Construct’s rallying cry to force a MONC, which turned out to be nothing more than a subversive plot. Mr. Condor and Dr. Harris, who signed on to the bill, which authorized the procedure, have led the chorus of the discordant voices advocating the ouster of the lawfully elected government while staging a back-door entry to install an unelectable political organization. Sadly, the only uniting factor among the factionalized unity dream is their unfathomed hatred for the Prime Minister.

But time has shown its hand, and the NIA has found the occasion to take extra ordinary measures of its own to deal with an extra ordinary circumstance. I will not join in any chorus to condemn the Nevis Island Administration, which is also part of the opposition, for offering up approximately 350 acres of land to deal with its debt, nor do I take any pleasure in the cause thereof.

But the real sad story is the crisis that now eats at the heart of the fast crumbling Unity Concoction. How can a three-legged stool stand, if one leg is taken away? The irresponsible toxic rhetoric against our government has proven to be without merit. The opposition’s claims have been exposed to be baseless. The current developments have proved that our Prime Minister and his team are ahead of the curve, and are able to maneuver the unpredictable waters of an uncertain world economy. If the Land For Debt Swap were so bad, what would a PAM, or a Unity Concoction Administration have done? Finding out could be disastrous in many ways.

The entire Unity/PAM outfit has lost every modicum of credit it might have had. Its roster is a sure indicator of what one can expect from that rancorous band of politically lost souls. Somewhere in the mix, there are two bonafide traitors seeking to serve only their self-interests, and who have synthesized excuses for their traitorous attempts to torpedo the Labour Government while being part of it. The Hon. Dr. Harris is being overwhelmed with a debilitating addiction to prime-minster-phenobarbital while the Hon. Sam Condor is like a rudderless ship on the open ocean with no harbor in sight.

The masterminds that engineered the ghost MONC, which has no legitimate footing, were PAM’s preeminent operatives and strategists, who had been meeting with Condor and Dr. Harris since 2004 while they were still members of the Douglas Administration. Former members of PAM witnessed such meetings, and have subsequently revealed some details to the media. But the desperation and hypocrisy of the opposition are palpable, and they shoot lies and deceit like arrows in the night, hoping to confuse unsuspecting minds. However, what has been clearly established is the level of incompetence and cerebral deficiency in the collective opposition, with regards to dealing with the responsibilities of governing our country. Their own positions on many of the issues have indicated that.

While St. Kitts-Nevis is being portrayed to the world as a failed state by the spasmodic opposition, the IMF is crediting our country, and its leaders with a high grade for its surplus, and debt reduction. Nonetheless, the nonsense continues, although our country, St. Kitts-Nevis, is ranked very high in the region for its economic performance. Now that the NIA must make the same decision as the Federal Government—swapping land to service its debt—how would the Unity Construct view that decision? Would the NIA be seen through the same lens through which the Douglas Administration is currently being viewed?

CCM can no longer be a signatory to the concoction, which, on principle, must condemn them for taking the same action that the National Government has taken—the Land For Debt Swap. But only in time would the meticulous weaving of any grand scheme be exposed. The Nevis Island Administration must do the right thing for the people of Nevis, even though it turns out to be a land mine that has been stepped on by Dr. Harris, and his band of confused political wanderers. 3–1 = 2…you got it?

There are those who have intoxicated themselves sipping from the chalice of hate and deceit, and have deliberately hardened their hearts to the conviction of truth. But here is yet another chance to review the irrefutable facts, take the path of good conscience, and show the love for our country, which some have so eloquently proclaimed. Mama Esmie often said, “Kenrick, take time, kill ants, and you would find its belly.” The last grand spectacle to finally present the leader of the Unity Construct might well had been a pantomime, and spare the attendants the flurries of lies, because, as we now see, there is no substance to the dream of a Unity Construct. How can the CCM advocate against itself? CCM’s position was always clear…no doubt. A little time has only brought it to light.

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