Timoy Henry of St.Kitts Takes Winner’s Cheque and Trophy in Independence 10 k Run

By: Curtis Morton

The revived Independence 10 k run took place on National heroes’ day, Monday 16th September. The event was a collaborative effort between the Ministry of Sports on Nevis and the Nevis Amateur Athletic Association, along with a host of sponsors.

Premier Vance Amory
Premier Vance Amory

Over 120 athletes showed up at the starting line in front of the A L. Evelyn Nevis Tourism Authority Building. Located in the center of Charlestown.

These included a number of athletes who came over from St.Kitts; the Hon. Troy Liburd and Premier Vance Amory who originally indicated that he showed up just to be a spectator.

A fair sized contingent of Police officers, led by Inspector Steven Hector also competed in the event. Hector later explained that the reason why he was so far behind the other finishers was because he had to ensure that his fellow officers and the dignitaries involved in the race, were safe.

The race involved thee basic age categories: over 30; under 30 and under 18. It saw competitors from age 8, right up to persons over age 60.

The runners ran down Main Street, against the normal flow of traffic, greatly assisted by the Police officers who were out in their numbers. They ran and walked along the main road, past water stations located at Pinneys and at the entrance to Barnes Ghaut, before making a turn at the foot of Cotton Ground. They then headed back to finish line, following the same route.

Timoy Henry of the EXTREME track club of St.Kitts was virtually unstoppable as he ran away from the pack and left the second placer by almost a mile, as he stormed stylishly into the finish tape, to warm applause.

He won the overall race and the Under-30 male competition in 39:46.60.

Vanessa Williams of Cotton Ground was the first female to the tape, winning the Overall female and the Over-30 female competition in 50:16.35.

The youngest female athlete was Tianna Liburd; the youngest male athlete was Jermaine Bartlette; the oldest female athlete was Vernice Blackett and the oldest male athlete was Premier Vance Amory.
The top placers overall were;

Over 30 females
1st –Vanessa Williams (14th overall)
2nd –Miranda fellows
3rd Heather Demming
Under 30 females
1st Tassell Williams
2nd Nevene Smithen
3rd Tamu Reid
Under 18 females
1st Chloe Williams
2nd Jedecia Caines
3rd Tianna Liburd
Over 30 males
1st James Weekes (3rd overall)
2nd Mario Parry
3rd Reggie Douglas
Under 30 males
1st Timoy Henry
2nd Akil Barzey
3rd Vaughn Williams
Under 18 males
1st Trevorn Pemberton (2nd overall)
2nd Tashon Parris
3rd Gary Liburd

Two of the athletes apparently lost control at the end of the race, because of dehydration. One went a little berserk and damaged the video camera being used by Curtis Morton Sr. His Mom has since apologized for the unsavory incident.

Both athletes were briefly hospitalized.

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