Today declared Music Festival Day

With the tempo building for the staging of the 21st edition of the St. Kitts Music Festival, organizers of the three day event have taken a bold step this year, to introduce what is being dubbed, Music Festival Day.

The idea of the celebration, said one official, is to help live the true spirit of the original intent of the festival, which is to encourage and facilitate a boost in economic activity in the island.

Faron Lawrence, the chairman of the Music Festival Committee, commented on the purpose of the St. Kitts Music Festival Day.

He said, “The idea is to bring recognition to one of St. Kitts’ major success stories over the years. In fact the St. Kitts Music Festival is a success locally, regionally and internationally.”

Lawrence believes that many persons do not understand nor appreciate what Music Festival does for the country in terms of generating economic activity, about using the festival as a conduit to attract more visitors to the island, plus the showcasing of our local artistes to the world.

Internationally based journalists are selected and invited by the Ministry of Tourism to experience the Music Festival and the entire country during the festival, providing valuable content for the various categories of writers.

“So, for me, the Music Festival Day should allow people to stop for a moment to really reflect on what the Music Festival has done over the last 21 years for this country. Another objective,” explained the official, “is to build hype amongst the population, one week before the festival and to create a more positive and festive atmosphere as the countdown to the major concert nights, from Thursday 22nd-Saturday, 24th June.”

The festival organizers say that is why this year they have decided to support and help organize so many Fringe Activities, which are all designed to generate pre-festival excitement.

Among the activities to occur on today is a mini-motorcade through downtown Basseterre during the busy midday rush-hour. Organizers say the first 20 people joining with their own cars will get a music festival ticket.

On Music Festival Day, there are more ways to win free tickets. For example, wear any music festival T-shirt or other paraphernalia on Music Festival Day and get a chance to win in a ‘Spot Contest’.

Then there will be multiple giveaways on various radio stations throughout the day, plus the most up-to-date information about the festival coming from various committee members and Music Festival officials.

On Music Festival Day, also, the event Ambassadors will be on Nevis for the big launch of the 2017 Culturama activities. Officials and organizers will also be on radio stations on Nevis providing information.

If that is not enough, companies such as S L Horsford and FLOW are joining the Music Festival 21st Anniversary activities by offering customers discounts and other bargains.

Another Music Festival Day activity will be a Flash Mob in downtown Basseterre occurring just after the end of workday on Friday, 16th June and crews will be distributing flyers packed with important information that everyone should have for the festival period.

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