Top Honours Announced For Leeward Islands 50 Overs Tournament

An awards ceremony was held at the conclusion of the recently held Leeward Islands 50 overs competition, which was hosted in Montserrat.

The following awards were presented:

The Auckland Hector Best Wicket-Keeper – Mr. Jaison Peters (Montserrat)

The Robert Jeffers Most Discipline Team – Team St. Kitts

The Haycene Ryan Batsman with the Highest Individual Score – Mr. Rahkeem Cornwall (Antigua & Barbuda 118 not out vs Montserrat.)

The Austin White Bowler with the Most Wickets – Mr. Deno Baker (Montserrat) &

Mr. Daniel Doram (Smarten) 10 wickets each.

The Keith Arthurton Best Fielding Team- Team St. Kitts

The Davon Williams Batsman with the Most Runs- Mr. Rahkeem Cornwall (278 runs Antigua & Barbuda).

The Lesroy Weekes Bowler with the Best Bowling Figures Mr. Deno Baker (Montserrat 6/23 vs St Maarten.)

The Bertrand Osborne Batsman who scored A Century in the Tournament-

Mr. Rahkeem Cornwall (Antigua & Barbuda 118 not out.)

Mr. Chesney Hughes (Anguilla 104)

The Jim Allen Most Valuable Player of the Leeward Islands Men’s 50 Overs Championship 2018- Mr. Rahkeem Cornwall (Antigua & Barbuda)

Batsman with the Most Runs for Each Country:

Anguilla – Mr. Chesney Hughes (190 runs)

Antigua & Barbuda- Mr. Rahkeem Cornwall (278 runs)

St Maarten- Mr. Akeem Charles (75 runs)

Nevis – Mr. Adelvin Phillip (193 runs)

St Kitts – Mr. Akeem Saunders (176 runs)

Montserrat – Mr. Jaison Peters (213 runs)

Bowler with the Most Wickets for Each Country:

Anguilla – Mr. Chesney Hughes/ Mr. Yannick Leonard (7 wickets each)

Antigua & Barbuda – Mr. Karima Gore (7 wickets)

St Maarten Mr. Daniel Doram (10 wickets)

Nevis – Mr. Nelson Bolan (7 wickets)

St Kitts – Mr. Jeremiah Louis (9 wickets)

Montserrat – Mr. Deno Baker (10 wickets)

Most Valuable Player for Each Country 2018:

The Lanville Harrigan M.V.P for Anguilla- Mr. Chesney Hughes

The Sylvester Joseph M.V.P for Antigua & Barbuda- Mr. Rahkeem Cornwall

The Imran Mc Sood M.V.P for St. Maarten- Mr. Daniel Doram

The Stuart Williams M.V.P for Nevis- Mr. Adelvin Phillip

The Shane Jeffers M.V.P for St Kitts- Mr. Terrance Warde

The Bennette Roach M.V.P for Montserrat- Mr. Jaison Peters

Final Country Standings for the Leeward Islands 2018 Men’s Championship:

Champions – Team St Kitts

Second Place- Team Antigua & Barbuda

Third Place- Team Anguilla.

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