Trevy’s Family Says Thanks

The family of the late Trevoy TREVY Liburd has released a note of thanks, extending appreciation to all those who have helped in one way or another, during their critical period of grief.
The full text of the memo reads:

“The immediate family of Trevoy ‘Trevy’ Liburd wishes to express a huge thank you to all who assisted in any way whatsoever, during the search for him, between Wednesday 22nd June to Monday 27th June. To the divers, the boaters, the drone operators, the pilot who flew over for three consecutive days, the backhoe operators, and all who joined in searching the beach area from early morning to late in the evening, we say a hearty thank you.

To the multitude at home and in the wider diaspora who offered prayers to God; showed concerns; provided water, food and drinks for the search teams, or for just reaching out with an encouraging word, we are grateful.
Thanks to the Almighty for bringing closure to this unfortunate tragedy. Again we say a big thank you to all. “

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