Triple F-All Set for Thursday

Des Parry of the Fit Wellness Center has confirmed that the grand launch of the TRIPLE F exercise program, is all set for Thursday, September 10, at the Fitness Park.

TRIPLE F, stands for FREE, FUN, FITNESS and will serve as a means by the Fit Wellness Center, to give back to the community.

The action will start at 5.00 pm sharp, but participants are urged to be present by 4.45 pm, as there will be a registration process, which will involve the taking of names; email addresses and current weight etc.  This will be done as participants will be constantly updated with relevant nutritional and other tips and a progress report as to weight loss and other important bits of information.  The actual work out sessions will involve body sculpting; ab workouts, high intensity and soca aerobics.

There is no restriction on age and as entire families, including the elderly and children, are invited to come out.

The free sessions will be held every Thursday at the Park and as the weeks go by, participants will be involved in certain challenges such as a sugar-free week; person losing the most weight in a given week etc.  The winners will be able to walk away with attractive prizes.

Ms. Parry was also happy to point out that the Health Promotion Unit, is very much on board with the initiative.

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