Truck Slams Into Fence Of Resident At Pond Hill

Gingerland-Nevis-It was another busy day for the truckers on Nevis, as on Tuesday 17th July, they raced speedily and noisily to and from the Quarry at New River as they took loads of stone to an unidentified location.

During the course of the afternoon however, unconfirmed reports indicate that one of the drivers lost control of his vehicle and in order to avoid hitting an oncoming passenger bus, he opted to direct his vehicle towards the wall fencing of the Perkins residence at Pond Hill.

The resulting impact tore a huge hole in the wall and left the truck badly damaged.

Traffic was held up for a while, in the general area of Pond hill, as the damaged vehicle was cleared from the scene.

Later that same evening it was noted that a temporary wire fence had been put in place and it was pointed out that the wall fencing at the home of the Perkins has been hit no fewer than four times now, by passing vehicles.

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