Tsunami Exercise meeting at Long Point Nevis

NevisPages Charlestown Nevis (February 28. 2018)- Today the Department of Disaster Management had a Nevis Tsunami Exercise meeting at their headquarters in Long Point. The following Tsunami information was discussed.

Tsunami Safe Zones on Nevis. There are currently 5 Tsunami safe zones on the island of Nevis where residents would retreat in the event of a Tsunami disaster. These safe zones are: Buko Park, Charlestown Play field, Jessups Play field, White Hall Playfield and VOJN Play field. Residents and business employees working or living below 100 feet must evacuate the area before a tsunami strike. They must also choose their closest safe zone.

Tsunami Siren Network on Nevis. Currently there is no Tsunami Siren Network on Nevis but the department of disaster management explained that the department would install a Tsunami siren network on Nevis. This network will send off an alarm with a specific sound when a tsunami is approaching. The department will inform the public of the exact sound so that people can know it’s a tsunami warning and evacuate towards the safe zones.

Tsunami Signs. The public is aware that several tsunami signs have been strategically placed throughout Nevis. The general public is asked to read the signs in order to acquire the necessary tsunami information.

Training. Some members of the department of disaster received extensive training in Japan in relation to tsunamis. So the general public can be assured the members of the department are tsunami experts.

Emergency Exits. Businesses located below 100 ft and that includes most of commercial Charlestown are asked to prepare their emergency exits for the event of a tsunami and other disasters. Staff should be trained with the necessary tsunami information provided.

Tsunami exercise this year. On the 15th of March 2018 there will be a tsunami exercise starting at 10am. Everyone below 100 feet is asked to take part in this very critical exercise. All safe zones will have personal and once the alarm is given, shortly after 10am, everyone in tsunami-affected areas should evacuate immediately and head towards the provided safe zones. For example, residents living in Cotton Ground should evacuate to Barnes Ghaut. Business employees working in commercial Charlestown should evacuate towards Buko Park and Charlestown Play field

Tsunami Sensors. There are currently 5 uninstalled tsunami sensors on Nevis. The department confirmed that they are working on installing these sensors.

There will be a tsunami meeting tonight at the Seven Day Adventist church in Butlers village starting at 7pm. The general public is asked to come out and get their tsunami information from the experts.

Several recommendations were given. NevisPages suggested to the department that it would be a good idea to create a tsunami like movie designed for Nevis that shows exactly how residents should proceed during a tsunami disaster. The movie video can be played over and over again on Nevis Television, schools, business places to name a few. The department agreed and said that this is something they are looking into.

NevisPages will continue to follow all tsunami news and update the general public as information become available.

NDM Contact information

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FAX: 869 469 5407

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