Twelve students graduate from the St. James’ Primary School

By: Gavincia Clarke

(St. James’ Parish, Nevis)- The St. James’ Primary School held its Graduation Ceremony on Wednesday, July 02, 2014 under the theme ‘Attaining Success through Perseverance”.

Surrounded by well-wishers, family, friends, teachers, schoolmates and proud parents, twelve (12) students of the school proudly walked down the aisle of the Eden Browne Church of God.

The morning’s proceedings began with the Invocation by Mr. Oral Brandy. This was followed by the National Anthem; and then Opening Remarks by Ms. Andrea Bussue who also chaired the event.

Principal of the school, Ms. Daniele Wallace, in her first year as a principal of the school did an exceptional job presenting the Principal’s Report. Ms. Wallace outlined the achievements of the school and the students for the year 2013-2014. She congratulated all the graduates on their accomplishments especially the Valedictorian, Ms. Shanya Taylor and who also placed in the top ten throughout the schools on Nevis. She also congratulated Zwena Jones for placing second.

Education Officer, Mrs. Ilena Mills gave brief remarks on behalf of the Ministry and the Department of Education. Mrs. Mills used the opportunity to encourage the children to do well and to continue striving for excellence.

Ms. Earlene Maynard gave the Feature Address. She delivered a rousing speech adhering to the theme ‘Success through Perseverance”. Ms. Maynard encouraged the graduates to never give up, even when it seems like they are about to fail because at the end of every failure, is success once they persevere.

In closing she stated ‘hold out your candle, persevere and create your own success stories’.

Shanya Taylor, gracefully delivered her Valedictory Speech as her parents, Ms. Shona Hendrickson who was also the patron for this year’s graduation and Mr. Dixie Taylor watched proudly as she stood on the podium and gave her speech.

The ceremony also featured poems and songs by students of the school and the graduating class. The graduates along with Mr. K. Brandy entertained the audience with a guitar rendition.

Mrs. Loretta Warner gave brief remarks on behalf of the parents and Ms. Marva Frith gave the Vote of Thanks.

Presentations were made by Ms. Marva Frith, Mr. Carl Jones and Ms. Sherrill Sutton.

The ceremony concluded with a candle light ceremony and the recession of the graduates.

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