By:Curtis Morton

Charlestown-Nevis-Twenty-five smartly attired and obviously proud participants of a recently concluded culinary class, graduated at the Franklyn Browne Community center on Wednesday 4th May.

The culinary course which commenced in January 2016, climaxed in April 2016 and was held under the theme: ‘Turning local produce into refined dishes.’

The facilitator was well known veteran master chef, Mr. Silvester Wallace, who conducted the sessions on behalf of the Department of Community Development, where he is currently employed as a Culinary Arts Trainer.
After the procession of graduates, the invocation was done by participant Greg Phillip and then all present sang the national anthem.
Center Manager at the FB Community Center, Mrs. Greta Jeffers, ably chaired the proceedings.

Chef Wallace then gave a comprehensive overview of the workshop, noting that the sessions commenced on Wednesday 13th January and listed some of the local dishes taught such as: stewed eggplant; eggplant bread; eggplant muffin; stuffed plantain; plantain in coconut soup; creole fish; ginger glazed pork and pan roasted chicken, among others.

Local herbs; coconut and organically grown vegetables, featured throughout the course.

He also congratulated the class on their positive attitudes and willingness to learn and also a spirit of sharing.
Director Of Community Development, Mrs. Janet Meloney, also took time out to

congratulate the graduants and had a special word of praise for the teaching skills of Mr. Wallace and his commitment to ‘give back.’
She described the ambience of the evening as ‘exquisitely elegant.’
She thanked her staff members and all who worked diligently to make the course a success.

Minister responsible for Social Development, Hon. Hazel Brandy-Williams spoke from her heart to the participants and challenged them to share their recently acquired knowledge and skills with family members and friends and even to think seriously about entering into some form of small business.
She spoke quite a bit about the possibilities of entrepreneurship.
She also lauded Mr. Wallace for his commitment to be so willing to pass on his knowledge and skills to others.

Intermingled with the speeches, the graduates took time out to truly entertain the audience with some hilarious and outstanding dramatic presentations.
Ermelita Elliot delivered a comprehensive overview of the course in poetry; the vivacious Christiana Smith also delivered an overview of the course in an original calypso, backed up by Frank Mills on guitar and aided by the backup voices of her fellow participants.

She later joined with an equally energetic and humourous Althea Jones to deliver a skit with reference to her GLADIATION (graduation), which put the persons present in stitches.

The participants then proudly received their certificates from the Hon. Hazel Brandy-Williams and a chef hat, designer made by Mrs. Greta Jeffers, complements of her newly acquired skills from a recent sewing class. She also gave each participant a scarf as well.

Participant Miss Shauna Pemberton, also delivered gifts on behalf of the entire class to Mr. Wallace and the vote of thanks was capably delivered by Mrs. Cindy Herbert.
The participants and all present then shared in the wonderful buffet styled dinner which had been prepared to show off what had been learnt during the class sessions.

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