Two held for attempted murder of three St. Paul’s residents

By: Erasmus Williams
Basseterre, St. Kitts, January 10, 2018 – Police said two persons are in custody assisting with investigations into the shooting incident that occurred in St. Paul’s on Monday that left three persons with gunshot wounds.
“They were taken into custody on January 8, as Police work quickly to find the perpetrators of the crime,” police said.
“Following the incident, all three victims were transported to the JNF Hospital for treatment. Two have since been released and one remains warded in a stable condition,” said the police statement.
The statement added that police who were on patrol in the area at the time were able to intervene to halt the attack and, following a chase, were able to take the vehicle used in the incident into custody.
An earlier police statement said 22-year-old Calvert Francis, 18-year-old Alvin Browne and a juvenile, all of St. Paul’s, were sitting on a wall next to Lover’s Lane Alley in St. Paul’s, when a car stopped next to them.
“Two men exited the car and opened fire on them. They ran down the alley in an effort to escape and got shot in the process. They all received gunshot injuries to their legs,” the police said.

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