UK Documentary Excites Small Audience

Charlestown-Nevis-Chief Coordinator of the UK Cultural exchange delegation trip to Leeds in England in 2017, to honour Mr. Arthur France, MBE, Miss Sheilagh James, noted that she was somewhat disappointed with the small showing of individuals at the showing of a documentary of the historic trip.

The documentary which was shown on the evening of Thursday 25th October at NEPAC, was superbly edited by Mr. Kerry Williams of NTV channel 8 and highlighted many aspects of the trip over the ten day period that the group was in Leeds.

The man of the moment, Mr. Arthur France MBE, a true Nevisian son, received his due accolades in the documentary, which also featured the various dancers; poets, singers and other cultural ambassadors, who made the trip, in the forty-one strong contingent.

Other aspects featured the then Premier of Nevis, Hon. Vance Amory and the Lady Mayor of Leeds.

The persons in attendance thoroughly enjoyed the showing and there were moments of absolute hilarity and other moments of education about the Leeds carnival or the Leeds community, in general.

Ms. James thanked all who attended and had special praise for Mr. Williams, who spent hours and hours, going through the tons and tons of footage captured during the trip, to make the exciting documentary.

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