Basseterre, St.Kitts (Team UNITY Communications):- Unity Leader, Dr the Hon Timothy Harris, has promised to do what is necessary to put the country to work again for the good of all. Dr Harris a former Senior Minister and Minister of Finance, said every member of Team Unity understands that the country is in crisis. Dr. Harris was wrapping up a massive Unity Rally at Bank Street last Friday.

Dr. Harris told his massive audience, that the hardships were real. People are suffering. The poor were not able to acquire food, medicine in the quantities required as a result of the high prices and exorbitant VAT. As a consequence, the Unity government would remove VAT from food, medicine and funeral expenses. VAT was too pervasively applied and was negatively affecting the people’s welfare.

Dr Harris, an accountant by training, made it clear that his government would strike the delicate balance between balancing books and balancing the lives of the people. We will stimulate job creation while addressing macro economic imbalances. “I feel for the mothers and fathers who are sick and who cannot afford the cost of travelling to Antigua for a MRI. I feel the mothers who are trying to raise US$20,000, US$50,000 to get their children and other loved one overseas to seek medical care. I know these huge sums will not be raised. I know that we need a sensible strategic national health insurance plan. This is one of the exercise which I have asked Eugene Hamilton, our specialist in insurance to study and advise on.”

Unity Leader castigated the outgoing illegitimate regime for not growing the economy, and blasted their failure to generate growth in the economy and create jobs. Dr. Harris said the answer to our graduates, the answer to our skilled workman, the answer to our children with subjects is not PEP. It is to create sustainable growth. That is why we are to put the country back to work.

“Our policies for tourism, agriculture, financial services, manufacturing and alternative energy will create decent jobs with adequate pay for our people. Better days are coming. Out of the mountain of despair we in Unity offer you an opportunity of hope” said a highly energized Dr Harris.

Too many of our young people and our womenfolk find it difficult to obtain jobs that they are interested in. This is a sign of a declining economy, and or an education system that is not matching the skills and proficiencies required by the economy. We must ensure that our people find work that match their skills and aspirations. Our students when they leave our school college universities must find decent work opportunities.”

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