Update Your Account with the Nevis Co-operative Credit Union

The Nevis Co-operative Credit Union strives to always adhere to local and international laws and regulations. As it is in the process of updating membership files, the organisation wants to include its members in this important exercise.
To be considered an active member with the Nevis Co-operative Credit Union, you should…
*Have an updated membership form on file
*Have 2 valid Government-issued IDs on file
*Provide proof of your address
*Provide proof of income
*Provide proof of residency (for non-nationals only)
*Have purchased a minimum of $500 in shares
Active members have access to ALL of the NCCU’s products and services. Find out your status and update your accounts, where necessary!
For more information, call the Nevis Co-operative Credit Union at (869)469-5634.

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