US Embassy Issues Statement On Antigua’s Citizenship By Investment Programme

Caribbean News Service (CNS).

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados, Apr 13 2016 – The United States Government on Wednesday said it understands the potential economic benefits from utilising a citizenship by investment programme and that it is the sovereign right of all countries to choose whether or not to engage in such a programme.

“The United States does not approve or disapprove individual aspects of citizenship by investment programmes,” a statement from the US Embassy here said.

“The United States strongly believes that all countries have an inherent responsibility to their citizens and the international community to review fully all applicants who seek a nation’s citizenship.”

It adds that the United States Government encourages and expects all governments to refrain from issuing any type of citizenship document to individuals under economic citizenship programs unless the issuing government is confident, beyond a reasonable doubt, that the individual is a bona fide applicant, that his or her identity has been fully validated, and that the applicant lacks ties to transnational criminal or terrorist organisations.

“While the United States Government is willing to consult with governments on their citizenship investment programmes, the ultimate decisions to offer and how to operate such a programme, including the issuance of citizenship and related identifying documents, such as passports to applicants, lie with each individual government and not with the United States,” the statement added

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