Vanessa Hull Aiming For the Stars

Nevisian Vanessa Hull was the lone female from Nevis, who participated in the recently held International Tennis Juniors tournament, for persons aged 14 and under, which was held in St. Kitts.  Vanessa describes her participation in the prestigious tournament as a learning experience.

Despite carrying an injury, she felt that she could have performed better but still feels that she performed creditably.  She was defeated by a more renowned player-6-1; 6-3 and also lost out in a doubles match.

She felt she was doing pretty well until her opponent started using the ‘moon ball’ on her and she did not handle it well and so lost the match.

Her Dad and personal coach, Elton Marcus Hull, is confident that his two girls have what it takes to become professional Tennis players and the strict daily drills that he has put in place for them, is all about eventually attaining that ultimate goal.  Hull insists that some persons have a wrong concept about being a professional Tennis player.

‘It does not mean that the persons have to be in the top ten in the world, it simply means that the persons are playing Tennis as a job, making money from the sport,’ he explained.

Vanessa, for her part, indicates that she and her sister are committed to the task at hand and are both willing to put in the hard work.  She knows that one day, she will become a professional player, but in the meantime will continue to train and compete in tournaments around the world, as she masters her craft.

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