Vehicle confiscated by police vandalized on police premises

Nevispages Reporter

(CHARLESTOWN, NEVIS)- This publication has been informed that police are currently investigating events surrounding a vehicle being damaged and broken into while on the premises of the police compound.

Shaville Parry and Glenville ‘Crime’ Phillip
Shaville Parry and Glenville ‘Crime’ Phillip

It is alleged that the vehicle was broken into and ‘something’ was removed. Persons are speculating that a pistol may have been hidden inside why person(s) would be bold enough as to break into the vehicle while parked on the police compound.

The vehicle was stopped and searched with three occupants, Shaville Parry, Glenville ‘Crime’ Phillip and a juvenile on Saturday, October 5, 2013 at Bath Village. Inside the vehicle, officers found two (2) masks along with a long sleeve black and white shirt, a ‘hoodie’, two pairs of glove and garden shears.

Both men received the maximum sentence of one year imprisonment for being in possession of masks without a lawful excuse; and possession of housebreaking implements while a juvenile who was also present in the vehicle at the time of the stop and search, has been placed on curfew.

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