Charlestown-Nevis-Thursday 5th January was a day of rare inconveniences as traffic was diverted in the vicinity of Farm’s Estate and there was an extended period of power outage, mainly in the Charlestown area.

The cause? A vehicular accident which saw a car colliding with an electrical pole located at Farm’s Estate, opposite Noel’s Courtesy Garage.

It is understood that the female driver may have lost control of the vehicle as she attempted to take the curb. Fortunately, the good news is that she is apparently unhurt, except for an initial state of shock.

The car however, received extensive damage.

A reliable source from NEVLEC indicated that the accident in itself did not cause the power outage but because there was damage done to the pole and to some wires, the power was switched off while repairs and safety checks were carried out. Significantly, the source indicated that the connecting wires affected that key area of Charlestown and Four Seasons.

This lasted for almost five hours and caused quite some interruptions in the free flow of work at Government offices and business places in Charlestown.

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