By Curtis Morton

On Friday 23rd February, the VOJN Primary school, hosted its annual cross country events.

The younger children ran from the school’s gate, around the nearby housing project and back to the school, while the older children, ran through the nearby project and proceeded to the main road and returned to the school, via the road adjoining the Newcastle Pottery.

Some of the parents and of course, their fellow students, cheered on loudly.

Who says that democracy does not work anymore?

Having completed all of the races, the children raised their voices in unison, demanding that the teachers participate in a race as well.

The teachers were at first reluctant but with the increased pressure from the children, they finally consented to a race over approximately 50 meters.

Teacher Cassandra Powell, stormed home the victor in that one, much to the delight of the adoring children.

The overall results were as follows:

Infant Girls

Abi Daniel; Kezia Phillip; Gavielle France

Infant boys

Hujon Jeffers; Ashawn Webbe; Dejaun Phillip

Junior Girls

Tyra Phillips (new record 10:45:87); Javonique Nisbett; Kevonique Jones

Junior boys

Ju-roi Pemberton; Kyris Gonzaley; T’Zharee Stephenson

The school will now hold its annual sports meet on Tuesday 13th March.



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