Vybzing Forum Links Youth Creativity and Entrepreneurship

SKNIS, Press Release

Basseterre, St. Kitts, May 13, 2015 (SKNIS): A total of 30 persons have gathered at the Ocean Terrace Inn Conference room to partake in a 3- day forum called “Vybzing”, organized by the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) in collaboration with the local Department of Youth.

A section of the group at the forum
A section of the group at the forum

“Vybzing”, a CDB Youth Outreach Programme is held under the theme: “Promoting Creative Entrepreneurship” and comprises of participants from 14 different creative industries; including culinary arts, music, poetry, visual arts digital graphics, photography dance, hair-dressing, fashion design, and film just to name a few.

Minister of Youth, Honourable Shawn Richards has declared the 2015 “Vybzing” forum open.

“There are really many reasons why this event this morning is significant, meaningful, and trend-setting,” Minister Richards stated. “It comes, for example, pretty soon after our high school students presented via the Annual Junior Achievement Trade Fair in the Square, an exposition and an exhibition of what can honestly be described as creative entrepreneurship par excellence, relative to the age and stage of the students involved.”

He further stated that the event also “transpires at a time when his government, and in particular his Ministry is spearheading a renewed and re-invigorated focus on youth, with a view to more properly harnessing their creative potential and encouraging innovative entrepreneurship.”

Minister Richards explained that “Vybzing, as he perceives it, seeks to animate and educate young people re: things relevant to their own and their country’s development.”

“It is also with the expectation that this youth forum on promoting creative entrepreneurship will serve to produce a cadre of new, young entrepreneurs and professionals who will take our country upward and forward, that I am pleased to declare this forum officially open,” he concluded.

The forum which runs from May 13 – 15 will include presentations on Foundations of Creative Entrepreneurship, Shaping Creative Projects and Presenting Your Creative Project.

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