Washington Archibald High School boy stabbed

BASSETERRE, ST. KITTFS (SKNLPCU) – Kyss FM has reported that due to the high visibility of the police in and around the St. Kitts capital of Basseterre, the gunmen that were executing young men almost every weekend have gone into hiding and there has been no reported shootings, or homicides in the last week, but there was a stabbing incident involving two males.

According to well place sources the crime took place at the Washington Archibald High School, Wednesday afternoon. It is presumed that the victim, a student of WAHS received a non-fatal wound to the hand. EMT services were called to the scene and took the wounded boy to the Joseph N France General Hospital.

There are also reports of another unknown individual that was spotted with a gun in the vicinity moments before the stabbing that took place while school was in session and about to conclude for the day.

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