Wheeler and Sookie out of Senior Kaiso competition

By: NevisPages Reporter

This media house has confirmed that veteran calypsonian, Pupa Wheeler, and the new comer to the Senior Kaiso competition, Mighty Sookie have both been disqualified from the competition for breaches of the Rules of the competition.

According to Chairperson of the Senior Kaiso committee, Mr. Keith Glasgow, Pupa Wheeler breached section 4(b) of the Rules. This states in part that a song in the competition should not be older than one year. That means, any song in this competition should have been released after Culturama 2017. According the Glasgow, one of Wheeler’s songs was released before Culturama last year.

Mighty Sookie is said to have breached section 4(a) of the Rules. This states that any song slated for the competition should be no less than three verses. Sookie’s second competition piece was said to be only two verses long.

As a result of these occurrences, calypsonians Baker, Polo and Lady Smooth will replace the two disqualified calypsonians. According Glasgow, Polo and Lady Smooth have tied results from the eliminations from Saturday, July 28 2018. Although there is a tie -breaker protocol in the Rules, the committee may allow both singers to advance to the finals.

Glasgow admitted that Sookie may not have been aware of the Rules since he has never participated in the senior competition before. However, Wheeler should have been aware considering his longevity in the calypso arena for many years.

It is also apparent that the judges were not up to speed on the Rules, and even if they were they had no idea of the songs in the competition before hand.

The Senior Kaiso competition is slated for Saturday, August 4, 2018 at the Nevis Cultural Complex.

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