When seven-year olds collectively say: Thank you very much Prime Minister

Basseterre, St. Kitts (October 22, 2015) — It was a fresh and titivated start, on Thursday October 15, for parents of pupils attending Joshua Obadiah Williams, Edgar T. Morris, Violet Petty, and Estridge Primary Schools, when coordinator of the highly successful Dr Harris Help-A-Child Programme revealed this year’s beneficiaries.

Into its 12th year, Coordinator Ms Myrtilla Williams said that over 350 promising primary school pupils in Constituency Seven had received support to the tune of $165,000. Previously 24 pupils from the four primary schools used to benefit each year, but this year she called out 45 pupils. The pupils would come to the stage with one of their parents.

This auspicious event took place at the Molineux Seventh Day Adventist Church, and standing ready to present a bursary cheque of EC$500 to each of the pupils was the sponsor of the Help-A-Child Programme, the Hon Dr Timothy Harris, who is also the area parliamentary representative.

The beneficiaries might have been as young as seven years (some were older), but it did not escape them that their benefactor was indeed the Prime Minister of the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis. They say light cannot be hidden under the bed – it will show out in all its bright glory.

Two of the benefitting pupils were randomly picked one from the Estridge Primary School in Mansion and the other from the Violet Petty Primary School in Lodge, with the aim of seeking their views. Both were seven years old and were each in Grade Two. They were interviewed in their respective homes and surprisingly their answers were almost identical.

Both Miss Alysha Palmer and Master Alanje Matthew said that their favourite subject was maths, and both ended the interview by saying, “Thank your Prime Minister Dr Timothy Harris.” They however parted company as it relates to their future ambitions as Alysha said she wants to become a teacher, while Alanje said he wants to become a judge.

Their dreams will certainly come to fruition and the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis will benefit in due time, all this thanks to their area member of parliament, the Hon Dr Timothy Harris who has been sponsoring bright and deserving children for the last twelve years. He did not just start the programme because he is the Prime Minister.

The only added benefit the programme realised, since he has become the Prime Minister of the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis, is an increase in the number of beneficiaries. He indeed said that some new sponsors had come on board to assist him in this noble task of elevating children from needy families.

Alysha Palmer lives with her parents, Mr Kenrick Palmer, and Ms Allison Browne on Back Street in Mansion Village. She said she is in Grade Two and her class teacher is Ms Clarke.

“I know the Prime Minister, his name is Dr Timothy Harris,” said Alysha. “Prime Minister gave me five hundred dollars. I will buy school books and also a tablet to do my homework. Thank you very much Prime Minister Timothy Dr Harris (sic).”

Her father, Mr Palmer reported that a lot of the parents are glad for the assistance they have been receiving from the Prime Minister over the years because the money goes a long way in assisting them buy school supplies, including shoes for their school-going children.

“The Prime Minister cares for the children them,” said Mr Palmer. “He cares for everybody I must say overall, because he tries in helping in many ways he could. Everybody is grateful for that kind of input he does, always stretching out he hand to help others. Me as a farmer he helped me with different things too in the farming.”

Alysha’s mother Ms Allison Browne said: “As her mother, I am really happy and I appreciate for the help from the Prime Minister. I am happy, I really appreciate and I am thankful for the Prime Minister for his help for the kids and it is a good thing. He is doing a good job really.”

While Alanje Matthew lives in Molineux with his mother, Ms Tameshia Matthew, he attends the Violet Petty Primary School in Lodge. Asked why that is so, Ms Matthew explained that the boy’s father lives in Lodge. The boy uses school buses to ferry him to and from school.

The Grade Two pupil said that his class teacher in Ms Phipps. His mother allows him to play games on the family’ laptop and when asked what happened at the Molineux Seventh Day Adventist Church he said: “I got $500 from the Prime Minister. I will buy primary school stuff, like colourings, school books, pencil and ruler, and pens. Thank you very much Prime Minister Dr Timothy Harris.”

The mother of one, Ms Tameshia Matthew is a teacher at the Rising Star Day Care Centre in Molineux. She acknowledged that her son loves maths and she encourages him to be the best he can be. She described the Prime Minister’s intervention as a timely and welcome deed.

“I have known Dr Harris since I was growing up,” said Ms Matthew. “I know that he has been assisting children with bursaries and he even did it last year when he was not in government. I appreciate that my son is a beneficiary this year. It is a big load taken off my back. I am happy.”

Children do not misspeak. They speak from deep within their heart and their words are pure and sincere: “Thank you very much Prime Minister Dr Timothy Harris.”

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