WICB Statement About The Title Winners Of The Regional 4-Day Tournament

WICB Media Release

ST JOHN’S, Antigua (WICB) — After a few queries and conflicting media reports about the title winners of the Regional 4-Day Tournament, the West Indies Cricket Board wishes to make clear a number of points about the award of the WICB President’s Trophy and the Headley/Weekes Trophy.

First, the Playing Conditions of the Regional 4-Day Tournament were widely circulated prior to the start of the Tournament to territorial boards and the Media. On page 20, the first paragraph addresses the topic of the Regional 4-Day champions and the winners of the WICB President’s Trophy – and is quite unambiguous.

It stated: “This stage (the league competition) of the tournament will involve seven rounds of matches at the end of which the team with the most points will be declared the Regional 4-Day Champions and earn the WICB President’s Trophy.”

Secondly, the WICB wants to make it pellucid that the format of the Regional 4-Day Tournament was changed from the previous year, including the way that the titles for the Tournament were awarded – and was approved by the Board of Directors.

This format is not entirely new and it was first adopted during the years of the Carib Beer sponsorship of the Regional 4-Day Tournament, when international A-Teams took part, and there was a Territorial champion and an International Challenge winner.

Neither is it unique when only regional teams are taking part. Research has shown that the 2006-2007 Regional 4-Day Tournament, then sponsored by Carib Beer, was contested by only the traditional six territorial sides – Barbados, like they did this year, won the league tournament, were declared the Regional 4-Day champions and earned the Carib Beer Cup before they lost in the Final two weeks later to arch-rivals Trinidad & Tobago, who were awarded the Carib Beer Challenge Trophy.

Hence, as previously published:
a. Barbados are the bona fide Regional 4-Day champions, having won the league format as per the Playing Conditions – and retained the title they won last year – thus they are winners of the WICB President’s Trophy.

b. Jamaica are the Headley/Weekes Trophy winner, having accumulated the most points in the Final which they contested against Windward Islands last month in St. Lucia as per the Playing Conditions – and received the Headley/Weekes Trophy.

The WICB hopes this puts this matter to rest and congratulates both Barbados and Jamaica for their respective title successes during the past Regional 4-Day Tournament season.

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