Work starts on Hardtimes play field project in St George’s Parish Nevis

According to Gingerland Community facebook page, “Work starts on Hardtimes play field project”. A community worker and chairman of the organisation overseeing the project ‘Wise’ said plans have been in the pipeline for years and the removal of the unused water tank will free up more space on the ground making the facility much better. In addition, some of the historic stones will be used on the Deputy Governor’s Mansion currently under renovations. He also said after work is done the field will be renamed after the late Nevisian Cricket Star and former West Indies player: Runako Morton.

Runako Morton grew up in the area and played many matches of cricket on the ground during his childhood days. The project will also enhance the beauty of the area and Gingerland Community on a whole. Please see below pictures of the project and the late great Runako Morton.

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