World Aquatics Day Celebrated In Nevis

Sunday 14th July was a very significant day on the island of Nevis.  For the very first year, the world aquatics day acknowledged by FINA (the world’s Swimming body), was celebrated on the island.  The activities to celebrate the occasion were organized in the main, by Winston Crooke and took place at the Oualie Beach Hotel.

Terri Andrews

Quite a number of parents, grandparents, and children, were on hand to take part in the activities. Some of the activities had to be curtailed because the conditions on the day were extremely windy.  Also assisting with the activities was Kelvin Bramble of the Sports Department.

Persons who could not swim were first taught how to be comfortable in the water and then taught the basics in Swimming.  Others who were more accomplished, participated in water-related games and short races, which created much excitement. The Nevis Yacht club also assisted in coordinating the activities and some persons were taught the basics in using the Kayaks.  The club also used the occasion as a fundraiser.

Ms. Terri Andrews (Sports Director Special Olympics SKN), speaking on behalf of Mr. Crooke, opined that the day was a success, as it was all about bringing awareness to the fact that persons in the islands need to learn to swim and utilize the wonderful beaches that are available to them, more regularly.  She is confident that next year’s celebration will be bigger and better.

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