World Aquatics Day to Be Celebrated For the First Time in Nevis

Winston Crooke

Winston Crooke, the chief coordinator of the annual Nevis to St. Kitts cross channel swim, has revealed that Nevis will be celebrating world Aquatic day for the first time this year.
He noted that it is a new initiative of the world swimming body-FINA and would have been put in place for the last four or so years.
However, this is the first year that Nevis will be participating in the signature event.
He stated that FINA is concerned about the huge number of drowning deaths that occur worldwide each year and so is using the day to draw attention to the need for persons to learn to swim.
The day will be celebrated this year on Sunday 14th July and according to Crooke, the activities will commence at 12 noon, at the Oualie beach.
There will be no competition but persons who already know how to swim, will be involved in many activities, in the water; on the water and out of the water.
There will also be instructors on hand, to teach persons who are interested in learning how to swim and there will be many fun games like water polo etc.
Crooke also used the opportunity to encourage persons who cannot swim, to join classes, such as the one being coordinated by the Ministry of Health, or the upcoming summer camps.

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