World Vets Visit Volunteer Request

SPAY  & NEUTER CLINIC— Pilot Project by ‘World Vets’  in Charlestown, Nevis

Hosted by C.A.R.E. Nevis Animal Society  in collaboration with  Nevis’ NIA – Agriculture Department.

 This FREE clinic will be open for 3 days Tuesday 18th, Wed. 19th , Thursday 20th from 8.30am till 5pm

 Location of Clinic : CARIBBEAN COVE , Charlestown, Nevis.

 Volunteers Needed for many different tasks. If you can help in any way please send an email to or call our ‘World Vets Visit’  Hotline # 669 7515  or on 662 9505

Greetings all  Pet owners, Animal Lovers  and Concerned residents

As we are all very aware, there is a  problem with stray animals roaming the island of Nevis, starving, sick and

homeless. In addition to the strays there are many  cats and especially dogs who although may actually have

’owners’, are not contained within fenced yards and are free to roam around their neighbourhoods.  When

these unrestricted animals come into ‘heat’ they inevitably breed  the result of  which  means  we now have a

large over-population of cats and dogs on island.

To address this growing problem, C.A.R.E. Nevis,   in collaboration with the Nevis Agricultural Department,

contacted the international philanthropic organisation WORLD VETS  to assist. We are very privileged to  have

been selected for a ‘Pilot Project’ focusing on spay neuter surgeries for the cats and dog populations.

 The 3 day spay/neuter clinic is free to all and can sterilize  between 200 and 300 animals in total.

That number depends on how well we organise ourselves to assist with the transportation of the animals to

the field clinic, to be held at Caribbean Cove, to help those who do not own a vehicle. The World Vets team

will arrive on Nevis on March 15th  to set up the field clinic and we shall be organising some  ‘Discover Nevis

trips for the team.

The Campaign launched by CARE Nevis is called ‘The BIG Fix’. There will be posters and information leaflets

distributed around the island  and follow up emails providing further information for all who offer to volunteer

their services and pitch in to make this visit a grand success for the benefit of us all.

Different Volunteer teams will be assigned different sectors and tasks , Once we have a good idea of the num-

ber of volunteers  we will contact each volunteer to confirm their availability and  areas of ‘expertise’  then

team leaders/ co-ordinators will be assigned to each sector.

Please see the following page for further info and details of Volunteer opportunities.  Thanks,   Jane Ebbitt


Volunteer Opportunities  – Supplies and Equipment Needed  for the Spay/Neuter Project.

Volunteers needed for :

TRANSPORT : 1. Transport of animals to and from the clinic. Many locals do not have their own transport,

therefore we will need Drivers and  People willing to use their own vehicles to transport animals,

We will provide Cat and Dog carriers as much as possible to hold the animals during transportation

We will  establish definite Pick up and Drop off points around the island in each of the Parishes at scheduled

times through the day.

 ADMINISTRATORS: To assist with the registration of pets prior to the clinic days and also during the clinic.

Volunteers to distribute publicity materials and registration forms to different  locations around the island

for pick up by pet owners.  General ‘Gofers’ also needed  for numerous tasks and to spread the word too.

CATERING  C.A.R.E Nevis is tasked with providing lunch for the World Vets team and Volunteers during the

3 clinic days. We need donations of foodstuffs and people willing to help prepare and set out lunch and

drinks at Caribbean Cove. Donations of soft drinks and bottled water would also be appreciated

ANIMAL Handlers : There will be 3 teams of volunteers needed to handle animals 

1. Working with Cats :  Trapping and transporting Cats with  team leader April Bowen

2. Working with Dogs : Assisting with transport of owned dogs and helping with stray dog pick ups  with

Jane Ebbitt and a vet student team.

3.  Assisting animals at Caribbean Cove  working under the instructions of the World Vets Team Leader.


Carrier kennels for animal transport  – Donate or on loan.  J  Tables for use in the clinic  6 ft long.

Old– clean Sheets and towels to be used in the recovery area.

Sponsor a WV Team member for an activity during their 2 days off. $50 US ( $100 EC )  A Catamaran cruise

and island tours with lunch have been booked by CARE Nevis to thank them for their services to the island..

April would like some cans of sardines  or tuna ( in water ) for the cat trapping. As well as some small clean

cardboard boxes for cat transport.   We hope you can help  in any way.   We Need You !

Please contact us by email : contactus or telephone 669 7515 or 662 9505

CARE NEVIS  Animal Society  ‘Saving Lives 4 Paws at a Time’    www,

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