Yellow House Wins at Gingerland Pre School

The Gingerland Pre School held its annual sports meet at the school grounds on Thursday February 28th. The meet was held under the patronage of Ms Nelva Liburd and was also graced by the presence of Premier of Nevis, Hon Vance Amory.

The general public was treated to a number of new races which included: The over and under race which involved a team of three with the first person passing a ball between the legs to the person behind while the second person tossed the ball over his or her head to the third person who then seized the ball and raced to the finish line.

There was also the balance race where the children balanced on a board and then raced to the finish line after tagging with a ball and there was also the bean and hula hoop race where the children tossed bags of beans from a distance into a hula hoop.

Towards the end of the meet, the regular sprint and dress up races were also held.

The final results saw:

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