Charlestown-Nevis-The Youth Department on Nevis continues to roll out dynamic programs to enhance the development of the young people on the island.

In a recent interview, Miss Zahnela Claxton, Youth Director, indicated that one such innovative and motivational seminar, will take place on Saturday 3rd September at the NEVIS PERFORMING ARTS CENTER (NEPAC). Her Department has teamed up with the Education Department in order to make the seminar a reality.

It will be a dual event, with the early sessions focusing on Primary school aged girls, aged 5 to 12, in a session dubbed: “I am A Princess.’

During the specifically designed sessions, it will be impressed on the young lasses that they are indeed ‘fearfully and wonderfully made’ and indeed worthwhile and important human beings.

They will be taught to have high esteem and treat themselves the way they want others to treat and respect them.

The sessions will also include sessions on Bullying and how to deal with that issue and how to stamp it out and also on confidence building.

The emphasis will not be so much on a princess with a crown but more so on the quality of the individual that one can become, in terms of being well mannered; honest; kind; well -spoken and dressing appropriately among other things.

The session for the little Princesses will commence at 11 am and end at 1 pm.

The topics under discussion will be:

I am a Princess because I am kind- by Tonya Duncombe-Minister, Mentor and Speaker

I am a Princess because I am Smart- by Teshanne Phillip-Author, Ghost Writer, Mentor &

Motivational Speaker

I am a Princess because I am beautiful- by Lakeisha Dixon –Professional life coach and break through Strategist and speaker

I am a Princess because I am talented-by five year old Kyrah McKay-through a dance presentation

Miss Claxton was quick to point out that the little boys or PRINCES are not forgotten, as they will be sharing in a separate session that will be announced shortly.

The second session on Saturday 3rd September, will be for older persons from secondary school age to about age 25, under the theme: “You Matter.”

The topics under consideration are:

Your Dreams Matter by Teshanne Phillip-Author, Ghost Writer, Mentor &

Motivational Speaker

YOUR ATTITUDE MATTERS by Lakeisha Dixon –Professional life coach and break through Strategist and speaker

YOUR DETERMINATION MATTERS by Maxcel Hardy-Celebrity Chef and Speaker

YOUR SOUL MATTERS /YOUR APPEARANCE MATTERS by Tonya Duncombe-Minister, Mentor and Speaker.

The sessions for the older persons will commence at 6 pm and conclude at about 9.30 pm.

Director Claxton indicated that the process started when she was contacted by Tehanne Phillip who is an international motivational speaker but who is also a Jessups’ born Nevisian and who left Nevis at age 8.

She has since seen some of her works and heard of glowing testimonies as to her successfully completed seminars. She later liaised with Principal Education Officer, Mrs. Palsy Wilkin and so the upcoming seminar in Nevis was made a reality.

As  an additional feature, Chef Max will select six of the older participants and engage them in culinary arts classes on Friday 2nd September and will climax with a showpiece at 4pm on Saturday 3rd September and the serving of a meal.

Persons interested in becoming Chefs and cooks are kindly asked to take special note.

Registration closes today Thursday 1st September and although it is free of cost, persons are required to fill out the relevant forms at the Department of Youth and Sports or the Education Department and all persons so registered, will be issued with a ticket, which will ensure their participation in the seminar.

A maximum of 200 participants for the I am a Princess segment, will be accepted.

Director Claxton is urging parents and young persons alike, to ensure that they or their children are registered, to be a part of this very important seminar.

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