Young Campers look out for Seniors

By:Curtis Morton

Jessups-Nevis-Two senior citizens of Jessups village on Nevis, were the beneficiaries of the generosity of some young children, on Thursday 14th July.

The children are part of the CAMP REFRESH, which is a summer camp for youngsters aged 6 to 16, being coordinated at various venues across the island, by the Community Development Department.

The children who meet at the Jessups Community Center, are part of the St.Thomas’ community and are being taught among other things, certain values which seem to be bearing fruit.

They are being taught the values of VOLUNTEERISM and COMMUNITY SPIRIT, among others.

Out of this, the young campers initiated the thought process of making a contribution of food baskets to two of the seniors within the community.

They actually bought the items, with the assistance of their parents; packaged them and under the guidance of Community Development Officer, Lydia Claxton; Liaison Officer Chesley Davis and Center Manager, Leander Cornelius, they walked to the homes of the two seniors and presented them with the surprise packages.

Both seniors responded enthusiastically with their ‘thank yous’ and even took time out to give words of advice to the little angels.

It was obvious that the children themselves took the role of assisting those in need, really seriously, as they fully supported the two individuals who gave brief speeches at the presentations.

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