Charlestown-Nevis- It was obvious that it was a thrilling experience for all and some of the children at CAMP LEAD, have effectively concluded that one day, they will also be firefighters.

Such was the enthusiasm demonstrated at the ET Willet Park on Tuesday 5th April.

The Fire Services Department was on hand as part of the activities planned for the ongoing CAMP LEAD camp that is being coordinated by the Youth and Sports Department.

As pointed out by Coordinator at the Youth Department, Miss Zahnela Claxton, the children are being taught that there are varying types of LEADERS within the community and FIRE FIGHTERS are certainly leaders in their own right.

Fire substation officer, Mr. Alfred Willet was the man in charge of the operation on the day and he indicated that the purpose of the Fire fighters on hand, was to educate the youths about fire safety. He noted that it was pointed out to them the things they should do in the event of a fire and also fire prevention techniques.

‘If they know what to do in the event of a fire, half of the job is done. We want to protect lives and property,’ he said.

Also assisting with pointing out the various types of gear used by the fire fighters and illustrating the workings of the fire truck, were: Casbert Francis-Fire sub officer; Nigel Browne –Fire officer; Everton Paton-fire officer; James Haynes –Volunteer Fire officer and Sanyaka Whyte-Fire officer, who was mainly responsible for the demonstrations.


The demonstrations included a close up look as to the operation of the Fire truck and fun part for the children and Counsellors, a demonstration of the use of the water hose in outing fires.

Some of the children and Counsellors, actually got the opportunity to hold the powerful hoses, while the water was coming out at full pelt, ably assisted by the Fire officers.

Some of the children also got the opportunity to suit up in some of the gear used by the Fire officers as well.

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