Youth and Sports Eagles—One Up

Wednesday 26th June, saw the commencement of the semifinal encounters in the St. Kitts-Nevis-Anguilla National Bank New Attitude Basketball tournament.

Two games were played.
Game one: Youth and Sports Eagles of Nevis, defeated the Atiba Harris Runnerz 74 to 69.

Trevorn Simmonds 34 points; 11 rebounds
Gassano Barry 17 points; 14 rebounds
Craig Angol 4 points; 13 rebounds

Jamal Jacobs 17 points; 3 rebounds
Lequani James 15 point; 8 rebounds
Ozani Purcell 12 points; 11 rebounds

In the second game, ASC Jay Hawks defeated Ghaut Bucs 77 to 66
Jay Hawks
Leroy Wilkinson 21 points; 18 rebounds
Ranier Richardson15 points; 3 rebounds
Cheslyn Hutton 13 points; 9 rebounds


Kimo Liburd 21 points; 21 rebounds
Brain Morris 18 points; 13 rebounds
Vaughn Parris 9 points; 10 rebounds

The playoffs continue on Tuesday 2nd July, as no games will be played during the ongoing Music Festival.

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