Youth leadership consultation

By: Sazam Challenger

(CHARLESTOWN NEVIS)- The Ministry of Social Development of the Nevis Island Administration hosted a consultation on Friday, April 5, 2013 at the Red Cross Building on Chapel Street in Charlestown.

partcipants at the consultation
participants at the consultation

The inaugural ceremony with its theme, ‘Embracing our Youth the future starts now’ with a focus on youth enterprise and entrepreneurship was attended by government officials and various persons from the public sector. The consultation was aimed at improving the necessary skills required by young people in order to be successful.

Ms. Sandra Maynard, Director of Social Development gave the welcome remarks. She thanked all the participants for showing interest in the event. She stated that the purpose of conducting such an event was to ensure that young people are fed with adequate and fruitful information in order to be productive. Ms. Maynard stated that her department had always sought to promote and recognize the youths. It is a general consensus that youths are the future leaders so it is vastly imperative for us to relate the information to them on what it takes to succeed.

Hon. Hazel Brandy, Minister responsible for Social Development gave a few remarks. She claimed that in order for our island to maintain the heights it has already attained, the youths have to play a pivotal role. Mrs. Brandy was of the belief that in order for Nevis to continue on a progressive path, young people must be the major factor for the continued progress of the island. She encouraged the youths to isolate themselves from negativity stating that such influences ultimately impede advancement.

Ms. Kurlyn Merchant, a lawyer by profession was the last speaker to address the attentive gathering. During her presentation she told the youths in the audience that early or constant failure should not prevent them from achieving a particular goal. She stated, ‘if you set out to achieve something and you are deprived of instant success you have to try again’. Ms. Merchant also appealed to the young people not to succumb to temptations and distractions. She stated that it is very easy to get sidetracked with issues of no relevance and as a result can lose focus of the bigger picture.

In concluding Merchant reminded the youths to remain humble, modest and respectful and to always remember those who were there to assist them in times of need.

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