Eden Browne –Nevis—Local, national and regional ace Javelin thrower, Adrian Williams was beaming on Wednesday 16th. December as he was the proud recipient of a brand new house, complimented with furnishings, from the Nevis Island Administration, with assistance from some kind donors.

A brief ceremony was held at the 500 sq. foot property, located at Eden Browne in Butler’s Village on Wednesday 16th December.

The ceremony was chaired by Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Social Development, Mr. Keith Glasgow who gave a historical overview and progress report, related to the project.

He noted that the idea was born with the previous NRP led Administration in 2012, when it was decided that they would make a one room addition to the home occupied by Adrian’s mother, Glenneth Williams and family. The thought process was that Adrian was an outstanding athlete and had achieved much for the federation of St.Kitts and Nevis and for Nevis in particular and he was also a vulnerable youth, which made him eligible for such assistance.

However, under the current CCM led Administration, the proposal changed to the building of a brand new home for Miss Glenneth Williams and her family, which would of course include Adrian.

However, PS Glasgow stated that the proposal did not rest well with him and he made the suggestion that the house should be built specifically for Adrian, as he was the person who was being specifically targeted for assistance.

The proposal gained the green light and the next move was the acquisition of a bit of land via the Nevis Housing and Lands Corporation, spearheaded by Minister Alexis Jeffers.


Minister Alexis Jeffers in his remarks noted that he was speaking in his role as the elected representative for the area; as Minister responsible for the Nevis Housing and Lands Corporation and as an ardent admirer of the achievements of Adrian Williams.

He spoke to the many persons who have achieved in sports and helped ‘to place Nevis on the map.’ He highlighted the cricketers who have made it to the international stage in Elquemedo Willet; Derrick Parry; Keith Arthurton; Stuart Williams; Carl Tuckett; Runako Morton and Kieran Powell. He also made mention of some of the top Netballers who would have excelled at the regional level in Cresentia PIPSIN O’Flaherty; Lydia Thompson-Claxton and Vera Herbert.

He noted that when Nevisian top athletes perform well, Nevis as an island gets recognition and accolades that it would be difficult top pay for in terms of advertisement cost.

He further stated that quite apart from the Nevis Housing and Lands Corporation providing the land, he also approached several of the business places on Nevis to acquire furnishings for the house.

He thanked them for the kind donation to the project:

TDC donated a bed and a stove; Horsfords donated a living room set and the Nevis Housing and Land Corporation donated a bed and a refrigerator.

He also pointed out that various contractors performed various roles in providing electricity; plumbing services; painting etc.

He challenged Adrian to continue to excel in his unique sport of Javelin throwing and stated that he was looking for an Olympic representation, at least by the year 2020. He also advised him to continue to be a good role model to the youngsters on the island.

He also revealed that it has been confirmed that if all goes well, very early in January 2016, Adrian will be departing for the USA, on a fully paid scholarship and would become a student at the South Plains College in Texas. Here he would be able to continue his development in his beloved sport and at the same time acquit himself academically.

He then officially handed over the keys to the house to PS Keith Glasgow who in turn graciously handed them over to Adrian Williams.

The blessing of the house was performed by Pastor Oral Brandy who admonished Adrian to allow God to not only be a guest at the house but a permanent resident of his home.

The signal moment came, as Adrian Williams delivered a sterling response. He thanked all of the stakeholders who had made the dream of his owning a home a reality and all of those persons who have assisted him during his life so far.

He thanked God; the Nevis Island Administration; The Nevis Housing and Land Corporation; Minister Alexis Jeffers; The Ministry of Social Development; PS Keith Glasgow; Mr. Lester Blackett and many more.

He however, spent quite some time thanking his mother Glenneth Williams for her nurturing, love and care through the years and noted that he would never have achieved what he has achieved, without her assistance.

He then turned his attention to the young people of Nevis and admonished them to stay away from drugs, criminal activity and other negative elements. He assured them that if they made the necessary efforts, their dreams and goals can become a reality.

Another unprecedented moment came, when Adrian Williams had the signal honour of cutting the ribbon to his brand new house and then opening the front door and making his grand entrance.

All present were then treated to a guided tour of the house and wished Mr. Williams and his family endless years of happiness at his new residence

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