Aqua Ballers –Federation Netball Champions

On the evening of Saturday 22nd July, the grand final in the Netball tournament, sponsored by the First Federal Credit Union and hosted by the St. Kitts and Nevis Netball Association, was held.

The match was played at the Grell Hull-Stevens Netball Complex, in Nevis and attracted a sizeable crowd.

The match-up for the 3rd and 4th spots, between Coca-Cola Shamrocks and Revivorz was not played, as there were some issues of controversial nature, to be sorted out.

However, Aqua Ballers came up against Newtown in the grand finals.

The game was competitive in parts, but on the night, Aqua Ballers just appeared more athletic and hungry for the win.

When the final whistle was blown, Aqua Ballers had assured themselves of the championship trophy, with a scoreline of 48 to 27.

Immediately following the game, a brief awards and closing ceremony was held, ably chaired by Ms. Jaedee Caines.

Trophies and medals were presented to deserving teams and individuals.

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