Arthur Evelyn The Sports Man

Much has been said about the late Arthur Evelyn.
It is a well-known fact that he was an astute Businessman; a caring politician; a pioneer in the fields of Pharmacy; the local airline agency; dentistry; the Nevis Credit Union; the Nevis Historical and Conservation Society and still more.

However, being so busy with the mundane things of life, many may not have heard the fact that Mr. Evelyn was also an ardent Sportsman.

The popular Gulf Insurance Inter Primary Schools’ championships, which has arguably attracted the largest crowds to a single event on Nevis, over the years, was not only sponsored by the Insurance company that he managed, but his heart was totally into making the event a reality and he actually made it a point of business to witness and enjoy the children excel on their big day.

Sportscaster Curtis Morton testifies to the fact that in those early, primitive years of the meet, when the track at Grove Park was not fenced to separate the athletes from the spectators, he was the only individual video recording the meet and the only request Mr. Evelyn made of him, was to make sure that he received a personal copy of the meet, shortly after its conclusion.

This he did every year until the meet blossomed into more coverage and live streaming etc.

Mr. Evelyn was also integral in the formation of the Nevis Turf and Jockey Club, along with other pioneers such as Cicely Hull and Spencer Howell.

In an interview conducted by Patrick DADDY PLAY Howell, some time ago, he revealed that he actually was at one time, a Jockey.

Even in his later years, he enjoyed watching the horse races at the Indian castle race track.

No mention was made of Nevis’ beloved sport of Cricket, but looking at the slimly built, athletic figure, Sportscaster Morton opines that he would have made a great allrounder if he had put his mind to it.

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