Athletics : Green Sparrows Soar to Supremacy at St. Thomas’ Primary School Sports Meet

The final race of the day, summarized in a nutshell, the intensity of the sports meet and the competitive nature of the athletes.

It was the 4X400 meters race, the final one for the day and the Greenhouse athlete received the baton approximately 40 to 60 meters ahead of the Blue house athlete, young Delijah Clarke.

For all intents and purposes, the proverbial fat lady was already singing the SANKIE, but Clarke tore off behind him like a jet plane.

The spectators stood to their feet in awe, cheering loudly as he closed in on the other athlete.

However, the Greenhouse athlete dug deep and as Clarke neared the final 30 meters to the finish line, exhaustion hit home and he virtually gave up the ghost-but it was an excellent attempt at the impossible.

All this action occurred on Wednesday 8th March at the Nevis Athletic Stadium, as the St. Thomas’ Primary School held its annual Sports meet, under the patronage of former student and outstanding athlete, Royston Queeley.

The athletes competed in 62 events in total, which included, the 60, 80, 100, 200, 300, 400, 800, 4X100 and 4×400 meters races.

There were quite a number of electrifying finishes and the spectators were truly entertained.

the final scores saw defending house champs, Green Sparrows soaring to safety in defence of their title

Green Sparrows-champions-255 points

Blue Hawks 218 points

Orange Eagles 203 points

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