Athletics Jevysa Dore Stars in JLPS Senior Girls Cross Country

Jevysa Dore held her nerve and shook off a serious challenge from second placed Davronique Maynard to take gold in the senior girls cross country event at the Joycelyn Liburd Primary School, held on Friday 8th. February.

The girls commenced next to the Gingerland Preschool and raced through Hard Times, making a left turn just above BLACKIE’S DISCO; running down through Rawlins Village and back onto the Main Road at Market Shop.

At this point, Davronique held a slight lead but a determined Jevysa went wide of her, opting to run on the side walk and slid past. Davronique exerted all of her final efforts but eventually settled for second place as the energetic Jevysa put on a final burst at the end.

The top ten placers:

Jevysa Dore—Blue

Davronique Maynard-Red

Alesha Kelly—Red

Kimiella Maynard –Green

Shanee Walwyn –Green

Vanessa Simon-Green

Anel Ferguson-Red

Alleyah Powell-Blue

Shai-Ann Tyson—Green

Shakema Browne—Red


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