Athletics Registration Open for Island Walk Relay

SKN Moves Nevis Chapter is celebrating its 5th Year of the signature walk relay.

In celebration, the organization will host an entire island walk, inclusive of 9 hand-overs and 9 torch bearers, represented under the broad umbrella of Health, utilizing the names of institutions that fall under the Ministry of Health, for example, the Alexandra Hospital.

The theme is: “A walk for life,” Let’s reduce NCDS together.
The walk starts at 4 am from the TDC car park Hunkins Drive, on Saturday 7th October.
Registration closes on Friday 29th September.

Interested persons can register and be assigned to the various Torchbearers.
The registration package is a pre-paid $60.00 and will qualify the registrant for a T-shirt and Breakfast.
Early bird registration will receive a gift bundle courtesy of the ICDF sponsor.
Register for a T-shirt only but no breakfast is $40.00
Registration for breakfast only is $ 20.00

Check the SKN moves Nevis Chapter Facebook page for full details and view the T-shirt

Contact Latoya Jeffers to place a pre-order for a T-shirt; order and pay Registration. She can be contacted at 469 5521 ext. 6491 or contact Shelagh James at 469 5521 ext. 6393 after 14th September 2023.

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