Athletics : Trikhalia’s Child Development Center Hosts Cross Country Event

The Trikhalia’s Child Development Center, held a Cross-Country event for the little tots, on Friday 24th March.

The children competed over various distances at the Bath Village Playing field, based on their age categories.

There was also an exciting parents’ race.

The top results were:

14th April sports day @ 11:30 bath ply field

Class 2

1st Auxano Rodriques-Blue
2nd E’vonjay Ritchen- Green
3rd Aaliyah Parris- Red

Class 3

1st Autre Stapleton- Green
2nd Ty’Aijah Sargeant- Red
3rd Devari Smithen – Red

Class 4 Girls

1st Chalani Nisbett – Red
2nd K’Nhyla Anthony-Green

Class4 Boys

1st Jehiel Webbe- Blue
2nd Jay’lann Daniel- Red
3rd Eden Godfrey -Green

Class 5 Girls

1st Rashonae Browne – Green
2nd Kimaya Ward. – Green
3rd Ajunae Walters – Red

Class 5 Boys

1st Eziah Jackson – Green
2nd Ziaire Robinson- Red
3rd Jian Queeley- Red

Heat points

Blue Paw Patrols- 57
Red Cocomelon- 95
Green Baby Sharks-96

The institution will now host its annual sports meet on Friday 14th April, at the Bath Village playing field.

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