Bath United Football Club Presents Fathers’ Day Explosion

Curtis Morton

It is going to be a Fathers’ day with a difference for the members and fans of the Bath United Football Club.

Coach of the well-known Football club, Alex Claxton, revealed on Monday that the club will be hosting an exciting, fun filled day, come this fathers’ day, slated for Sunday 17th June.

The action will kick off at the Bath Village playing field at 4 pm with the under 19 team members facing off in calendar style, in what has been dubbed ‘the clash of the months.’

Those born between January and June will engage those born between July and December and that is expected to be an exciting contest, as both teams are eagerly anticipating lifting the winner’s trophy.

Then at 5.15 pm, the call from the popular TV character Sandford, would be: ‘Elizabeth this is the big one baby!’

Claxton is hoping that the whole of Nevis would rally to the call and ‘come and join them,’ as the much anticipated, annual clash between fathers and non-fathers, will take place.

For the last few years, the experienced fathers have taken ascendancy in the encounter but this time around, the non-fathers are planning to break the jinx, once and for all!

Meanwhile, Claxton took time out to explain that the club is not only about football but in reality, is seeking the holistic development of the members and their friends, by extension.

Currently, the club is hosting some extra academic classes at the Albertha Payne Community Center, in Bath Village, for club members and their friends, assisting them as they prepare for their various exams.

Focus in the past few days has been on English, Mathematics and History.

Claxton is being assisted in no small measure by Coach Melissa Clarke and he was quick to point out that when they require assistance to teach other subject areas, they would seek such assistance within the community.

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