Best Buy Triumphs at Cricket Madness

By:Curtis Morton

A determined Best Buy team, led by the all-round ability of Skipper Anand, took a sizeable cheque of $1,500.00 at the end of the Cricket Madness, organized by Hon. Alexis Jeffers and his team.

The action was at the VOJN Primary school’s grounds aka PIGEON PARK, on Sunday 4th June.

Some four teams participated: Best Buy; CSS; Grass roots and MUA.

After an exciting round of preliminary matches, the two top teams remaining were: Best Buy and Grass roots.

The Grass roots team batted first in the grand finals and could only muster 55 in their allotted overs.

The Best Buy team did not sail home easily by any means, but held out long enough to eventually score the winning runs and collect the big cheque at the brief closing ceremony.

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