Blue leading at JLPS

There was much excitement at the Joycelyn Liburd Primary School on Friday 1st February as that school held its cross country relays. The route for the girls and boys was the same as they commenced next to the Gingerland Pre -School and headed through Hardtimes, into Rawlins Village, making a left turn just above Blackie’s Disco and another left turn shortly thereafter as they headed past Old Manor Hotel, back onto the main road at Market Shop and back to the school.

Quite a number of parents and other family members showed up for the event and it was also pleasing to see the show of support from the students at the Gingerland Secondary School as the athletes passed by.

The results were as follows:


1st Red- 7:14:89—10 pts

2nd Blue—7:35:90- — 7 pts

3rd Green: 7:41:73- — 5 pts


1st Blue- 6:32:87—10 pts

2nd Red—6:59:59—-7 pts

3rd Green—7:33:79—-5 pts
The current points standings in the Heats sees Blue house leading the way:

Blue House –120

Green House—103

Red House—99

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