Blue Wins In Tight Race At Tricalia’s Camp Sports Day

By Curtis Morton

The Tricalia’s camp which is being held at the Nevis Heritage Village and ran from Monday 9th April to Friday 13th April held a sports meet on Thursday 12th April at the Heritage Village grounds.

The ground was rearranged to a fitting new ‘Mondo track’ atmosphere complete with lanes.

There were officials at an officials’ desk; a starter; a designated patron in Marsha Hobson (one of the parents) and medals for each child.

It also started with an impressive march past of the three competing teams which involved most of the 45 plus campers.

Immediately after the march past the athletes engaged in races such as: Ball and bucket; lime and spoon; sack races; flat races and climaxed with an open 800 meters event, which saw them running almost the full area of the Heritage village.

At the end, there was a tense moment as the officials were forced to do a recount of the points bringing back memories of the recent Inter primary debacle but when the points were released it was clear to see why.

Blue house -132 points-champions

Green house -130 points

Red house -128 points

Chief coordinator of the camp, Miss Tricia Williams and also the red house captain, was heard to say that Red house did not come last. They came third!

All in all, it was a really exciting day and attracted quite a number of spectators.

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