Bronx Crisis Edges out PJ’s in a Thriller

As the action continued in the local Basketball league on Sunday 11th May, the spectators were literally kept at the edges of their seats as Bronx Crisis and PJ’s matched each other shot for shot.

Just seconds before the whistle to end the third quarter, Al Stapleton sunk a crucial two points for the Bronx Crisis to make the score 58 to 57 in favour of the PJ’S. Match on!

The ding dong battle continued into the final quarter but in the end, the Bronx men prevailed by a mere two points.

Summary of the game:

Bronx Crisis 79 to PJ’s 77 points

First Quarter PJ’s 21 to Crisis 13
Second Quarter PJ’s 21 to Crisis 20
Third Quarter Crisis 24 to PJ’s 16
Fourth Quarter Crisis 22 to PJ’s 19

Bronx Crisis 79 points
Everson Webbe 34poi 12reb 2ass 2ste 3 of 5 free throw made
Matthew Harding 14poi 11reb 1ass 1b/s 2 of 2 free throw made
Ald Stapleton 10poi 13reb 3ass 1ste 1 of 2 free throw made

PJ’s 77 points
Gelon Weekes 24poi 20reb 1ste 7 of 11 free throw made
George Gaton 21poi 6reb 6ass 3 of 6 free throw made
Mervin Hercules 10poi 8reb 1ass

Second game was forfeited by S G Ballers to C G Rebels. C G Rebels winning by default.

All Scores sponsored by Lime

Next Games Monday 12th May 2014 C G Rebels vs. Bronx Crisis
Tuesday 13th May 2014 C G Massive vs. PJ’s
Wednesday 14th May 2014 C G Massive vs. Dynamics (continuation)
Thursday 15th May 2014 Bronx Crisis vs. Dynamics

All game schedule sponsored by Nevis Island Administration

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