CABLE & Wireless Communications Announces Unique Partnership With ‘Over-The-Top’ Music Streaming Service Deezer

CWC Customers across 15 markets in Latin America and the Caribbean can now access more than 35 million songs via Deezer’s Music Streaming Service
Cable & Wireless Communications (CWC) today announced that it has signed a unique partnership with Deezer, one of the world’s leading music streaming service providers. With over 35 million songs to choose from, Deezer has the largest digital music library in Latin America and the Caribbean.

“Music is incredibly important to our customers – the countries which we serve are renowned for their musical culture and world-famous recording artists. As our customers embrace a ‘digital lifestyle’, increasingly they also want to listen to whatever they want, whenever, and wherever.

The Deezer music service will be available to all LIME, BTC and Cable & Wireless Panama customers across CWC’s 15 markets, and hopefully to Flow customers shortly,” said Phil Bentley, CWC CEO.

Music content is the second most popular feature for mobile users in the Caribbean and Latin America. CWC will be offering a Deezer standalone service called Deezer Premium+, giving customers access to more than 35 million music tracks and albums, as well as 30 radio channels. New bundle models will be available soon.

The deal forms part of CWC’s drive to facilitate ‘Over-The-Top’ players on its networks and enable unrestricted customer access to the services and content of their choice. As part of the proposed acquisition of Columbus, CWC is committing that the new company will support an open internet and will not restrict any legal over-the-top service or content.

“Through our $1bn Project Marlin investment programme, we are delivering world-class mobile data networks to the Caribbean. And the merger with Columbus is intended to accelerate the delivery of high-speed internet access to more homes across the region. But connectivity is of no value to customers if they can’t access the services they want. Some other operators consider they can dictate to customers which OTT services they can access. That is not a principle upon which the new CWC/Columbus will be built. We are committing that the needs of Page 2 of 2 the customer will be at the very heart of the new Company and if our customers want to use a given service, as long as it is legal, we will fully enable it,” added Bentley.
With this arrangement, Deezer’s music streaming service is now available in more than 35 Latin American and Caribbean markets, in what is the fastest growing region for music sales.Cédric Diedrich, Head of Telecom Business Development at Deezer said: “We are excited to be able to extend Deezer’s reach through Cable & Wireless Communications and look forward to bringing our service to their customers. Our 35 million tracks; personalized and human recommendations; and smart algorithms will ensure that CWC customers get to listen to the music they love over the region’s leading mobile data and fibre networks

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