Cake Making Class Starts In Pond Hill

Pond Hill, Gingerland- A cake making and icing class commenced at the Pond Hill Community Center, on the evening of Wednesday 16th January.
The class is being coordinated by the Department of Community Development, under the direct guidance of Center Manager, Miss Veronica Brandy.
The facilitator is the renowned local chef, Mr. Sylvester Wallace.
Miss Brandy indicated that the class will run until the 17th of April and that the participants will be taught basic cake making skills, in terms of a variety of cakes and also how to properly ice the cakes.
On hand to lend his support to the program, was the Minister of Community Development, Hon. Eric Evelyn, who noted that his Ministry was extremely busy last year and that it was obvious that with such an early start, with such a rewarding activity, that it will be even busier this year.
He stated that the intention is for the various Community Centers around the island, to be put to good use and marveled at the huge turn out of the forty –five participants registered for the course.
He told them to learn as much as they can and use their new found knowledge to their benefit, in the future.
Facilitator Sylvester Wallace, in addressing the gathering, also stated that he was pleased with the turn out and beseeched all of them to ensure that they complete the course and make friends along the way.
The participants were allowed to introduce themselves and then got down to business, as facilitator Wallace commenced the evening’s practical session, by guiding them in making a plain cake.
The sessions will take place, every Wednesday at the Pond Hill Community Center, for the next several weeks.

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