Cane Garden mother beats son’s ex-girlfriend and Magistrate Clarke fines her EC $2500.00.


A Guyana national now has EC$2500.00 to pay to the Court after beating her son’s ex- girlfriend in Cane Garden.

Nanine “Jane” Harridand appeared before the Magistrate’s Court in Charlestown on Tuesday, March 21, 2017, without legal representation and pleaded not guilty to the charge of beating, and not guilty to the charge of larceny which occurred on November 25, 2016.

The Police Prosecution headed by Inspector Eurita- Collins Percival brought forward three witnesses. Diemala ‘Gloria’ Ramdarin who testified first for the prosecution told the Court that on November 25 2016, she was on her way home from work when her cousin called and told her that Jane was outside their home and to be careful when she comes home.

Gloria Ramdarin stated that when she was walking, she noticed a parked black car. She stated that as she got closer, Jane Harridand came out of the car and told her that she was with her husband. Jane Harridand slapped Gloria Ramdarin then threw her down to the ground. She said that her bag also fell to the ground.

Gloria Ramdarin recounted the traumatic experience when Jane Harridand slapped, kicked and tugged at her hair while she was on the ground.

“I had five pieces of earrings and she pulled them out. She was pulling my hair and started kicking me in my belly and telling me she is going to kill my baby. When she was finished with me, I got up and walked towards my gate and called my cousin, then I fainted. When I got back, my bag, my money and my phone were missing,” Ramdarin explained.

O’Neal  Hinds of Cane Garden who was second to take the stand for the Prosecution testified that while on his way home, he saw a group of persons gathered. He saw the older lady being Jane Harridand beating a little girl who was Gloria Ramdarin.

“I saw her hitting the girl in her belly with her knee. The girl was on the ground. I tried to come between them but the woman was cursing a lot of bad words” said Hinds.

Hinds continued by stating that Jane ended her attack on Gloria and drove off with other persons in a car. Gloria was helped off of the ground and taken into a house.

The third witness for the prosecution was Constable Samantha Claxton. She testified that she was on duty that day at the Charlestown Police Station when Gloria came in and made a report that Jane had beaten her and stolen her money and phone.

Constable Claxton continued by stating that she went to Cane Garden and cautioned Jane. Claxton said that Jane did admit to beating Gloria. According to Claxton, in addition to Jane admitting to beating Gloria, Jane stated that she did not take any money. Jane then handed over Gloria’s cell phone and was then charged with the offence of beating and larceny.

After the testimony of Constable Claxton, the Prosecution rested its case.

Harridand opted to testify in her defense. She told the court that she brought Ramdarin from Guyana to Nevis “to make life”. When she left my house she stole a lot of things from my house. That is the reason why I slapped her because she never brought back the stuff.”

Harridand further told the Court that she brought Ramdarin to Nevis to be with her son but Ramdarin ended the relationship and moved out. Harridand stated that because of this her son became suicidal. “I didn’t want to knock her, so I give her warning to stay away from my family,” claimed Harridand.

Before rendering her decision, Magistrate Yasmine Clarke told Harridand that she was, “not entitled to, hit, kick or beat Gloria”. Magistrate Clarke continued by stating, “You are what we call in Nevis a ‘bru-gu’. I have a good mind to send you to prison,” Clarke said.

Jane was then convicted and fined EC$1000.00 on the charge of beating to be paid in six (6) months or 12 months in HMP. She was also convicted and fined EC$500.00 for stealing to be paid in two  (2) months or face one (1) month in HMP and to pay compensation to Gloria in the sum EC$1000.00 in one month or face six months in prison .

“You have $2500 to pay. Just be grateful I didn’t send you to jail,” Clarke told Jane.

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