CBIS Hosts Sports Awards

The ceremony was skillfully chaired by the Principal, Mrs. Jennifer Liburd and the Education Officer, Mrs. Terez Dore, who is responsible for the school.

Mrs Dore assisted in presenting the awards to the children for their exceptional performances during the annual cross country runs and sports meet of 2024.

The children were awarded medals and trophies for their achievements, and the overall points for the two competing houses were as follows: Honeybees – 153 points (champions) and Blueberry – 135 points.

In addition, a surprise presentation was made to Sportscaster Curtis Morton, who was given a gift basket by the school as a token of appreciation for his video recordings of school events over the years.

Mr. Morton expressed his gratitude to the school for this kind gesture.

The gift basket contained a T-shirt with the logo “Morton’s Menu” on it, which was specially designed by the school.

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